"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

– Albert Einstein


As a consultant, my role is to help you understand well enough the benefits that come from great insight. It’s often the part that many small businesses struggle with, as they’ll be working hard but perhaps without knowing the key to unlocking the door to business success.

An outsider’s perspective can often revolutionise a small business, bringing with them a fresh impetus, understanding and knowledge. Speed and expertise are two of the often-quoted reasons for working with a consultant, and nowhere is that felt more keenly than when working with small businesses.

I always look past the business name and logo of my clients to the individuals that are running those businesses. Consultancy for SME’s is all about creating unique solutions that are as unique as the individuals in charge. As a business owner, one of the reasons that your customers come to you is because of you. You’re the businesses greatest asset and my job is to enhance that asset.

It’s really quite simple and I’ll be honest about it, when you win, I win. I can help your business grow, then you’ll say great things about me which then helps my business to grow. This straightforward and honest approach to doing business is one of the aspects which sets up apart.

Just like it did for a previous client of mine

We focused on understanding and development of marketing process. Strong emphasis was given on use of online tools, which are very effective and also very affordable. Of course tools themselves don’t mean much if there is no strategy behind so we are constantly working on that as well.”

“In last few months I have managed to bring in steady income above expectations.  If you are looking for mentor, person with 1st hand business experience and vast knowledge, if you wish to learn, grow and have fun while doing it – look no further. I recommend Joseph.”

Kristjan Zemljic 

Odobreno Consulting

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