One of the most effective strategies that you should not fail to take advantage today is video marketing. Aside from email, content and social media marketing, video marketing is one of the most effective and engaging ways to catch the attention of your prospects towards your brand.

In fact, a report says that 68% of consumers would prefer watching explainer video to solve any product related problem than any other type of content.

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It was on January 3, 1996, when Bill Gates, then CEO of Microsoft corporation, published the essay titled “Content is King” which states that content will play a very crucial role in the future of then-emerging Internet. And no one can’t ever deny the fact that his words are very much accurate, especially these days.

Many people have doubted this statement by Mr. Gates, primarily because he was then running a giant corporation that could easily dominate the Internet, let alone control which type of content will go online and what’s not. However, the former CEO of Microsoft fully understood that content will not only dictate the future of the Internet itself but the overall business landscape as well.

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Before we discuss why your business needs Google Analytics, let us first talk about why your business should have digital analytics at the first place.Since the explosion of dot-coms in the past two decades, there has also been a massive surge of businesses who have brought their brick and mortar store into the online world. To measure the performance of their website, a tool was developed that can help business owners track their visitor’s actions while browsing the website. In a nutshell, data analytics provides you with information essential in making your digital strategy more effective and efficient.

Since Google launched it in 2005, Google Analytics have been used by many businesses of all sizes. The latest statistics from BuiltWith shows that there are over 28.8 billion websites using Google Analytics. Though other tech giants have developed their own digital analytics applications, its easy-to-use interface is one of the main reason why many pick GA as their choice of analytics.  Plus,  it’s FREE.

So here it is, the top seven reasons why you should be using Google Analytics in your business today.

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