At Harris Myers, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a one-to-one relationship with us, and in maintaining the highest professional standard we can offer.

See What Are Previous Clients Have Had To Say About Us

http://www.harrismyers.com/Patrick%20Mc'Nally%20- EMEA%20&%20US%20Sales%20and%20Operations%20Manager%20Family%20Roots%20Inc%20USA
Patrick Mc'Nally - EMEA & US Sales and Operations Manager Family Roots Inc USA
"Joseph helped us understand the benefits of inbound marketing. Developing a strategy that allowed us to build better online sales campaigns thus driving revenue. we are happy to recommend HM to future clients"
Ben Moore - Moore Online Communication
"HM approach is down to earth, practical and know how to put a business together from every angle."
http://www.harrismyers.com/Kristjan%20Zemljic%20- ECQA%20Project%20Manager
Kristjan Zemljic - ECQA Project Manager
We focused on understanding and development of marketing process. Strong emphasis was given on use of online tools, which are very effective and also very affordable. Of course tools themselves don’t mean much if there is no strategy behind so we are constantly working on that as well.” “In last few months I have managed to bring in steady income above expectations. If you are looking for mentor, person with 1st hand business experience and vast knowledge, if you wish to learn, grow and have fun while doing it – look no further. I recommend Joseph.”
http://www.harrismyers.com/Patrick%20Daly MD,%20Alba%20logistics%20–%20Ireland
Patrick Daly MD, Alba logistics – Ireland
"Marketing a business requires knowledge, speed of delivery and a deep understanding of how it all works. Joseph has all these skills in abundance and takes the time to listen to his clients"
http://www.harrismyers.com/Helena%20Farrell%20- Cork%20Health%20&%20Lifestyle%20Centre
Helena Farrell - Cork Health & Lifestyle Centre
"I would have no difficulty in recommending HM Business Solutions as an investment in your business"
http://www.harrismyers.com/Partick%20Minto%20 MD%20- Gavelle%20Interiors%20 -%20Ireland
Partick Minto  MD - Gavelle Interiors  - Ireland
"I could not be happier with the work that was carried out. Extremely professional and totally understood what we wanted."
Heather LeesonDirector, Glenville Nutrition Ireland
"Harris Myers were very helpful to us throughout the work on our marketing project, right from the beginning where they came up with great ideas through to project delivery. They went above and beyond what we had agreed and we are delighted with the results. Thank you!"
William DunneManaging Director, Supabizcards International Ltd Ireland/UK
"Joseph is an inspiration to fellow entrepreneurs. Having been recently invited to a one on one consultation with Joseph. I have to say I was a bit sceptical at first only because I had already met with so many so called marketing Gurus over the years that claimed to be the best of the best and all the usual jazz that was just a load of rehashed stuff that I could have probably got from a few books.

But by golly, I was in a for a rude awakening when I met this guy as he gave more golden nuggets in the first meeting we had, But this was only after he had taken the time to really understand who we were and what it was we were trying to achieve. I was glad that I had brought along my marketing manager with me who was busy taking notes.

While I explained more about what it was we as a company was struggling with and what it was we could possibly implement to get more customers coming to us rather than the other way around. We went away from our meeting with such clarity of what we really needed to start doing in a number or areas in order to achieve the results and momentum we were trying to achieve but with limited success so far. All I can say for now is I can not thank this man enough for all the really sound advice and I look forward to having many more brainstorming strategizing sessions with Joseph in the future."

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