"As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.”

– Jay Abraham
Marketing Part One

Let Us Look Over Your Website And Online Marketing Strategy So You Can Attract Your Ideal Client Which Will Translate Into Bigger Profits

We want to help you uncover any regularities that may be causing business to slip through your fingers, all because your website and marketing strategy are ineffective.

Ok let’s face it - you may have a web developer who has designed you a beautiful website that looks like an online brochure - and that’s all that it is. Your website may actually be costing you by letting lots of potential business slip away. Your website should be a lead generator. And if you were honest with yourself you know it could be better.

I get it, I know you are busy looking for new business and managing the customers you have already, you feel you don’t have the time to do anything about your website. You may question if your website and marketing strategy can even bring in business?

So, you have two options – the first is to leave it as it is, keep doing what you are doing and hope that someday it all falls in to place. Or, the second option - have a website and online marketing heath check and sort out any shortcomings and missed opportunities that might be holding you back.

Marketing Part Two

Life Gets A Little Easier When You Are Generating More Quality Leads.

Imagine coming to work in the morning, spending maybe 15-20 minutes working on updating your messaging, and then watching as lead after lead responds either online or by calling for more information.

Your sales force won’t have to cold call because those leads are qualified prospects who are truly interested in your products or services.

When you are off work in the evening you can spend some quality time with family or friends and actually be present – both physically and mentally. You won’t be spending the evening worrying about your business, trying to think of new ways to increase sales and production.

You’ll sleep better at night and look forward to getting up in the morning and going into the office. You’ll have more free time to spend with loved ones or do the things you really like – travel, golf, visit with friends, attend events in your community or just relax.

Or you could pass up this opportunity and continue to struggle trying to drum up ideas or campaigns to come up with enough leads to keep revenue coming in.

Your sales force will continue to be irritable, beaten before they even start the day. Your evenings and weekends will continue to be filled with anxiety and tension because of the stress of the job you take home with you. You will continue to toss and turn in your sleep, the burden of constantly searching for quality leads eventually wearing you down and burning you out.

Let us cast our professional eye over your website and see if we can catch any missed opportunities, like we have for so many of our clients.
A salesperson that never sleeps.
The educator in your team. That is the role marketing plays in your business. The digital age is a wonderful thing and it presents us with so many opportunities to attract customers and deliver an amazing service. However, it’s not all sunshine and roses as it also means your competition is trying to exploit the chance to connect with your customers. With an effective marketing strategy in place, you can stop that happening. And here’s why.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 small businesses aren’t planning on doing any digital marketing this year, so that’s almost 20% of your competition out of the game straight away.
  • About half of 1,000 small businesses surveyed said they didn’t know if the marketing they were doing was effective or not.
  • 47% of small business owners handle their own marketing, not to mention all the other roles required of them.
  • Many struggle with giving their business visibility and getting their message across to those customers who are wanting to hear from them. Measuring the ROI of their marketing and justifying the spend on it is a problem facing all SMEs, but not if you have the right strategy in place.
  • Targeting the right customers for maximum impact. We all know the 80/20 rule but do you know who your 20 are, and do you treat them differently to the rest?
A passionate advocate who never asks for anything in return.
Given these circumstances, the businesses that embrace marketing service providers are likely to see a greater return on their investment. The ‘dark art’ of marketing has had the torch shined upon it as we can help your business benefit in so many ways.
  • Video content to engage with the visitor.
  • AdWords and PPC campaigns to attract the right clients.
  • Content creation to build trust. Website development to generate hot leads.
  • Email marketing to stay connected.

Your Website Could Be Costing You Lots Of Money And Giving Away Profit To Your Competitors.

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