Tripwire: What is it and How to Use It in Your Business

Tripwire is a term we hear frequently in the marketing landscape these days. However, familiarity doesn’t equate to understanding, since many businesses – especially SMBs – are yet to understand this marketing concept, let alone the potential value it can add to their campaign.

While the term “tripwire” sounds fairly new to many of us, it’s actually a technique that’s being utilised in the marketing field even before the existence of digital platforms and the internet. However, its utilisation has become more rampant these days as inbound marketing continues to rise. Read on to learn more about how tripwire works, as well as how you can use it in your inbound marketing campaign today.

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Ghost-writers have long been used for autobiographical books and other offline publications, but it’s only recently, that they’re being used more in an online capacity. With many smart business owners already outsourcing elements of their business to Virtual Assistants, social media managers etc, is it time to start considering outsourcing your blog writing too?

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