Fact#1: 80% of internet users own a smartphone today.

Fact#2: 1.2 billion people worldwide are accessing the web from mobile devices.

With the massive growth of the mobile market in recent years, having an archaic website that only runs on desktops means that your business is losing a large volume of valuable traffic.

Gone are the days when people can only access the internet through desktops and laptops; they now want their information as fast and as smoothly as possible- a trend that no business can afford to ignore.

By creating a business website that runs efficiently on mobile devices, you make it easier for your target market to look for your products and services, thus creating more opportunities for your business.

Still doubting the influence the mobile website would have on your business?  Check out this infographic as we reveal the top reasons why you need a mobile website today.

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The arsenal of digital marketing tactics would not be complete without one critically important part- the Search Engine Optimization – or more commonly known as SEO. Around for more than a decade, SEO has become an integral part of digital marketing and is known to be the most effective medium to get organic traffic for websites today. 

In fact,  research conducted by BrightEdge revealed that organic search is the largest driver of web traffic for most sectors, and also a critical part of revenue-generating efforts today. This is why SEO should be part of your digital marketing efforts this year and onwards. With its capacity to bring your business website to the forefront of search engine results pages, you will be able to reap numerous benefits that you may have never reaped before.

If you think that SEO is only meant for the big fish in your industry, then think again. In this infographic, we will present to you the top six reasons why your business needs SEO today.

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7 Easy Steps to the Perfect Internet Marketing Strategy

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