Never underestimate the power your landing page has with your visitors. Landing pages have the power to lead a website visitor into the start of a budding relationship with you, or to have them beating a hasty retreat and heading for the next interesting website.

A landing page is, in its purest form, simply a page that visitors ‘land’ on, when they visit your website. However, from a marketing perspective, a landing page is a standalone page that persuades a visitor to complete a specific action – usually to enter their details, in return for a free offer, or to click through to another page on your site – and it’s this type of landing page we’re focusing on.

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The changing dynamics of the global market and of the search engine has prompted almost all businesses to adapt to latest trends in Search Engine Optimization. And as an ever-changing plain, everyone must be proactively seeking new techniques and ideas and update their overall strategy in order to rank high in SERPs.

Year on year, numerous updates are being rolled out on Google’s algorithm, all of which aim to transform the search engine into a human-centric answering machine. Though most of the changes that took place in the past recent years are minor, there are major updates to Google’s algorithm that really changed the way websites are being ranked in SERPs nowadays.

In this post, we will look at all top-ranking factors and changes that you should not fail to consider if you want to dominate the first page of Google in 2017.

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With the changing dynamics of business, companies are now forced to adapt and take advantage of every possible marketing medium at their disposal. This ensures that they reach and promote to their targeted audience, establish a more solid brand and ultimately, close more deals.

With numerous digital medium on the table, one stands out from the rest these days: Video. And it’s not just a trend; there is solid proof that online video indeed offers lucrative opportunities for those businesses who want to strengthen their marketing efforts in today’s digital age.

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7 Easy Steps to the Perfect Internet Marketing Strategy

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